I Installed A Floppy Drive, Now Windows 10 Won’t Leave It Alone

Maybe the diskette is not working anymore.Try to use a new diskette. It would really be nice if the floppy could understand the other format.

The Motorola manuals pdf photo sent through from the mechanic showing the grass blockage on the radiator clearly shows that the radiator mesh that is designed to keep grass out of the radiator is not doing its intended job. Grass is making its way in behind that grill and becoming jammed in there. I will note also that the radiator veins are visible through most of the grass and although it has managed to make its way inside there, there were very few dense patches of grass affecting the entire radiator. I will also note that the brand new hydraulics are already leaking and we have had issues with other minor things with this mower already. I have attached a few more photos which I will be forwarding on to other relevant parties. It is not the greatest over harsher lawns due to their deck hangers which are solid mounts that use fine thread bolts to give you your height.

Tvs Vs Projectors: Screen Size

It would go through the motions of seeming to read the disk, clickety, clickety, click, but would fail with a message like you got. Found that the grease/lube on the rails the head mechanism rides back and forth on was pretty dried up and not allowing the mechanism to move. On ebay a seller has replacement FF drives for $40 for the DSS-1 which I might do just to have a spare. You are probably correct about the drive belt as that is a common issue on a lot of old gear like this. Most of the time when a read/write head has problems, it’s either dirty or out of alignment. To find out which is the case, try to perform a complete format—not a quick format—on a disk.

That’s good when it comes to TVs and projectors; it means that there’s more detail in a picture, creating a more immersive viewing experience. As mentioned, the lamp is the most common light source for projectors, and there are a few reasons for that. For starters, the lamp is the most affordable option on the list.

Comparing Mini Excavator Prices By Company

So, if you need to do so, you would need the other disk available from the sector101 site with the data in SYSEX format. I don’t know how the disks you have are formatted, but if they could be read on a PC then that’s still an option to at least protect the data. I have old PCs and software that allows me to read just about anything, certainly any PC or CP/M format. It may well be possible to convert data into SYSEX, if it is not SYSEX already. It’s often cheaper to replace a floppy drive than to repair it.

As Gadget Review’s resident home theater expert, I’ve spent nearly 400 hours personally testing and reviewing over 20+ projectors from every major manufacturer in the business, including Acer, Optoma, and Epson. When shopping for a new projector, you’ll want to keep an eye on a couple of key factors, including the resolution of the projector , the lumen output , and the weight of the unit itself . If there’s one area we had to unfortunately fault the BenQ, it would be the inclusion of the non-essential speaker onboard.

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